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    經過三十多年的努力,公司已擁有國際上先進的制造、檢測設備,培養了一支從事印制板加工的專業隊伍,健全了從市場開發、工程設計、加工制造、品質保證、售后 服務的管理體系。我們的產品廣泛應用于通信設備、汽車行業,微電子產業、醫療行業、工藝控制系統、航空及軍事設備等領域。產品銷往北京,天津,東北以及長 江以北的廣大區域。一直以來,秉承腳踏實地的傳統風格,吸取飛速發展的時代精華,與時俱進,以更高的標準為客戶提供優質服務。


    Hebei Kecheng circuit board co., LTD., founded in 1983, covers an area of 4 square meters, construction area of 1.5 square meters, is a company specializing in the production of high density interconnect circuit boards of high-tech enterprises.
    After 30 years of efforts, the company has international advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, has trained a professional team engaged in PCB processing, the sound from the market development, engineering design, manufacture, quality assurance, after-sales service management system. Our products are widely used in communication equipment, auto industry, microelectronics industry, medical industry, the process control system, aviation and military equipment, and other fields. Products are sold to Beijing, tianjin, northeast and north of the Yangtze river area. For a long time, uphold the tradition of down-to-earth style, the essence of the era of rapid development, advancing with The Times, to provide quality services for the customers with a higher standard.
    Hebei branch circuit board Co., Ltd. is located in Qingxian County Industrial Zone, is the production of the North China's printing circuit to build the earliest enterprises.Production testing equipment more than 300 sets. The company has fixed assets of 5 million yuan, new expansion project covers an area of 10000 square meters, construction area of 8000 square meters, with the expansion of business scale, 2005 for planning and in February 2006 the off-site expansion, is located in the adjacent to the Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Fuzhou Expressway, 104 National Road of Qing County, Tan que Tun, transportation is very convenient, has a superior geographical environment. Our main products are: double-sided circuit board, multi-layer circuit board, PCB board, circuit board, double side PCB circuit board, mobile phone charger PCB circuit board, gold finger PCB circuit board, notebook multilayer circuit board, multi-layer circuit board, multi-layer flexible circuit board, double-sided aluminum based electric circuit board, double-sided board, etc.. Products in addition to mature technology, meticulous management, as well as advanced production and testing equipment and clean environment. Welcome new and old customers come to visit, call the consultation and business!